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Austin is doing Housecalls on all clock types.



   Clock Repair Services Ireland

Clocks are prone to wear and occasional damage and eventually get so dirty that they are no longer able to run freely.

Workshop Inspection
Clocks are dismantled in the workshop and the faults itemized and described in a formal quotation. No charge for workshop inspection except charges for collection and delivery .

After the clock is dismantled, the accumulation of years of grime and dried oil is removed in a special ultrasonic cleaning tank.

Broken or worn parts are repaired, missing parts, weak springs replaced etc.

Clocks when they have been repaired are timed to ensure accurate timekeeping, striking and chiming.

Once a clock has been repaired and timed in the workshop, it is returned to its home and set up correctly.

Austin provides a service doing housecalls for mainly Grandfather (longcase) clocks but not solely. If your clock needs to be moved from one area to another.
Perhaps you have just been left the clock and need it to be set up for you and shown how to look after it.
Your clock is running fine but has'nt been oiled for many years.
There are many reasons why it makes more sense for the clockmaker to come to the clock than the clock to the clockmaker.
Austin charges €150 for a housecall within a 25 mile radius of his workshop in kilmead and €1 a mile thereafter. This includes up to 2 hours work on site .
Usually if it cant be done within 2 hours it needs to go to the workshop but Austin will advise on this on site.
If it cant be done on site an estimate for the work will be given but the callout fee is still applicable.

Telephone or Contact Us for free quotation.

There is a 50% deposit required on all clock repairs.

Maintaining Longcase Clocks: An Owner's Guide to Maintenance, Restoration and Conservation
Maintaining Longcase Clocks:
An Owner's Guide to Maintenance, Restoration and Conservation

Nigel Barnes (Author)
Austin Jordan (Author)

Grandfather Clock Repairs

Case Restoration and repair. More details >>

Grandfather Clock Repair and Restoration
Clock Jordan specialises in the restoration and repair of ‘grandfather’ (longcase) clocks. Small repairs may be carried out onsite but most will involve workshop investigation.

Door-to-Door Service
As these valuable antiques and precious heirlooms require careful handling and setting up, we operate a door-to-door collection and return service. The fee for collection will vary depending on your location.

Austin Jordan will come to your home and carry out an initial assessment of any problems that may be affecting the running of your clock. Further workshop investigation may be required in some cases. You will be provided with a full quotation before any work commences. 

Once the restoration is complete, Austin will set up the clock in your home. He will advise you on the best location for your clock and ongoing preservation.

Important Advice for Owners
A grandfather clock should only be moved by a qualified horologist, as even the most careful owner may inadvertently damage the operation and internal workings of the clock. If you are moving home, redecorating or wish to move your clock to a different location within your home, please contact Austin Jordan.

Want to Know More?
Clock Jordan has teamed up with restoration and conservation expert Nigel Barnes to inspire and educate those who wish to learn more about clocks.

Austin and Nigel run regular clock appreciation workshops in the West of Ireland which cover all types of clock but focus particularly on grandfather clocks. The aim is to give you enough building blocks and confidence to tackle your own antique restoration projects.

Austin and Nigel are co-authors of a recently published book which is recommended reading for all those who own and collect longcase clocks as well as clock repairers, horologists and conservationists

Telephone or Contact Us for free quotation.

There is a 50% deposit required on all clock repairs.

Recent Media
LMFM Radio Interview

“I remember the clock on the mantelpiece when I was a child. My father was the only one allowed near the clock and he used to tinker with it to keep it going. It’s been under the stairs for the last 30 years. It wasn’t an expensive clock and I wasn’t sure if it was worth repairing".
Austin hears stories like these daily. The cost of getting your clock repaired is probably less than you think. Contact Austin for a free quotation.

Austin’s biography

Jordans Clock RepairAustin (Clock ) Jordan carries on the craft of clock repair and restoration. Austin inherited the family fascination with time and all aspects of horology. His father Michael was a watchmaker and clockmaker from the age of 13 until he retired at 70.

Michael had been trained by his father and was happy to pass on his knowledge to his son: Austin formalized his training with three years at the Irish –Swiss institute of horology and so the fifth generation of horologists in the Jordan family could take his place at the bench beside his father and uncle in the family Jeweller’s at 31 South Main Street Naas.

Austin worked for several years at the bench in Naas and later continued repairing at home. With family life and a sixth generation in their infancy Austin decided to work full time from his own workshop in Kilmeade and so the business, Clock Jordan was born.

With no formal clock and watch repairer’s trade association in Ireland, Austin sought recognition and guidelines from The British Horological Institute: He joined as an Associate member and then progressed to Graduate member. More recently after a workshop inspection and verification that he is following the BHI code of Conduct he has progressed to MBHI (Member British Horological Institute).

Jordan’s Jewellers can be seen on the right circa 1956.

Austin's mother Anne & sister Jacinta with a gold St. Brigids Cross hand crafted by Jordan's Jewellers for presentation to Pope John Paul II during his visit to Ireland in 1979

Michael Jordan, Brendan O’Brien Director Of Irish/Swiss Institute Of Horology and Austin Jordan at Austin’s Graduation 1992

Austins Uncle Jerry Jordan (Clockmaker ) and father
Michael (Watchmaker ) circa 1949